Modern frames for stunning interiors

Nuwal is a new framing system that can help to create stunning interiors. The emphasis is on easy installation and application, with no need to transport the art. 

Perfectly designed

Nuwal features quality fittings from Swiss brand Lamello, which fit into a shaped wooden frame. It is easy to handle and install, without dismantling the entire frame, regardless of size.

Sophisticated design

Nuwal Frames are manufactured and delivered in a flat box, which contains everything you need for easy assembly. Thanks to this, there is no need to transport the artwork or for any professional assistance.

The timeless lines

Nuwal is not only for framing artwork. Its versatility means it will also be well received among architects and interior designers for a wide range of uses in public spaces.

Four variants of the profile and three color versions.

NuOne profile is 23 cm wide flat frame. This is the most massive frame in our portfolio and is offered in the variants black, white and spruce.

NuThree is 17 cm frame with 4 cm outer leaves kick off the lights and shadows around the framed object. Choose a color or natural wood.

NuTwo a frame profile width of 17 cm to 4 cm bar that emphasizes framed work. Again, in the variants black, white and spruce.

NuFour is 14 cm wide frame with a massive 8 cm outer leaves. Beautiful frame, which finds application not only in framing works of art.